Monday, February 9, 2009

Riggs gone wild

We went to the mall the other night. It was Rigg's first experience there since he learned to walk. Melissa was shopping and Riggs did not want to be in his stroller. So I decided to experiment and see what he would do if he though he had no supervision and was free to roam. He was out of control. He just couldn't walk fast enough to take it all in. I followed him with my camera phone and the results are below. The store he walks into is the Jewelry store. I ended the video just has he was walking into the back room. He seems to have a knack for back rooms. Every store he went in, he found the back room and tried to get it.

The sign outside he was making noise to was of a pretty woman wearing jewelry. I don't know who he thought it was. He was acting like he wanted the lady to pick him up. But maybe he just thought she was HAWT!


.Marcie. said...

go Riggs, go! haha that's too funny.

Nichole Lowe said...

I was laughing while watching that. That is so Kate. Watch out when we get those two together.

Rachael said...

I LOVE it! (diggin his hair too!)...can't wait to see you guys soon!

Kimball said...

Hey Frentheways! I have gone private on my blog but would still love to keep up. Send me your email and I will add you. Hope all is well. Your boys are so big! Melissa how are you still alive with five boys? Two wears me out!